Kindness Warriors

Each week we feature people like you! To remind us of the good stuff in life, that the smallest things can make the biggest impact and that change starts with you.

Know someone focusing on good self care? Being neighborly and gives back to the community? Makes the roomer a brighter and the planet greener? Is dedicated to deepening their financial intelligence or being philanthropic? Nominate a Kindness Warrior to feature here?

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April 24: Jessica Dahl

Jessica Dahl is dedicated to serving the community and uses her passion to ignite fellow Kindness Warriors to do the same. In May of 2015 she and fellow warriors founded the Beyond Projects and by September 2015 they served over 4,000 individuals including men, women and children with over 5500 haircuts and other beauty services, with over 500 volunteers, and worked with over 20 non-profit agencies.

The Beyond Project Los Angeles launched in September 2016 and partnered with LA Youth Network and Freedom & Fashion. Shorlty after the Beyond Projects in Chicago in October 2017 and international Beyond Projects in Spring & Fall of 2017.

In short she is a powerhouse.

Just this year she released her book -Lead Your Whole Life. The book was inspired by her journey running a non-profit “having a non profit I poured my life into and trying to do my best to love and please others, I, myself was depleted, tired and running on empty. It was hard to keep my head above water because I found myself wanting to be ‘everything to everyone”.

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April 10: The Settle Family

Jim is an Air Force Special Operations veteran. His job in the military was to save lives during combat in Afghanistan as well as search and rescue in Alaska. He received a Purple Heart during his deployment. Shannon jumped into their marriage, after Jim was medically retired, taking on an extra role as a wife in addition to her role as Jim's caregiver to make sure he receives the best care for his injuries. She also stepped up as a stepmom striving to be a positive mother role model for Jim's son, James. James is a happy 10 year old with a gigantic heart and witty sense of humor who genuinely cares about others and aims to do good in the world. 

Together this family values spending quality time with one another. Including their two dogs and two cats. Life has taught them that the only thing guaranteed is today, therefore they focus on making the most of it. 

Giving back to family, friends and community is important to The Settle's. They feel blessed by the love and support they have received, especially during times of struggle getting back up on their feet when life pushed them down. Whether it be helping their neighbor out of their driveway when snowed in, watching a friend's child when they no one else can or volunteering with the local nursery to plant new trees, their goal is to pay forward kindness.

April 3: Pam & Emma Bolig

When Pam Bolig's daughter Emma was 3, they started attending a Co-Op preschool together and over the next 3 years they both enjoyed how much the village and community became a part of their lives. This environment fostered kindness for others and helped kids begin to look at the world around them with greater awareness. During that time Emma once saw a homeless encampment while driving and at that moment declared that when she grew up she would build homes for those who didn't have them and she would also create art to go in them to make the people happy. This made Pam, who is an Architect and Artist, so happy to see her daughter connect the dots of love. Just a few short years later Emma's dream has begun it's journey has they both have been able to create art to help with the Girls Giving Back shelter projects and they have seen their fund raising efforts come full circle to help hands on to decorate a shelter home for a single Mom with 2 young children. Empathy for others and the earth, spending as much time as possible in nature, sharing love through art and creating community are things that bring them joy. They are both excited to become Kindness Warriors with Be Kind 5 and to explore more ways to connect and give back.


March 27: Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust

This amazing organization make giving back to the planet simple, fun and informative. Their website has lots of easy ways to get involved and the day of staff are great about teaching you all the tricks to the trade. “The Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust leads and inspires action to conserve and enhance the landscape from Seattle across the Cascade Mountains to Central Washington, ensuring a long-term balance between people and nature.” Visit their website to learn more about how to get involved.

March 20: Wild Wolf Mama & the Cubs

The power is in the pack Kindness Warriors! It's Kindness Warrior Wednesday and this week we are excited to recognize Wild Wolf Mama and her pack of cubs. This pack makes a huge paw print on their community, planet and the lives of all they meet. Volunteering, mobilizing their families in philanthropy, leaving words of encouragement tucked in library books and so much more.

Kory Cee also teaches VETOGA, dance and gives the best hugs!

Thank you for being you! Thank you for all you do!


March 13: Kaitlyn

As a teenager, I feel like I have a unique perspective on kindness. My generation is generally regarded as very apathetic and unaware of the world around us, but really it's the opposite. We are at such a pivotal point in our lives and we know acutely what it feels like to not experience kindness, so we are more apt to give it than most people want to acknowledge. That's why my organization is entirely youth-led. 

My nonprofit, Tomorrow's Warriors, is dedicated to changing the way society perceives disability. And at its core, my mission is to spread kindness and empathy. Through school and just being out and about, I have seen the flaws in the way we think about disability. It makes me sick to see people I care about treated with such a lack of kindness because of something that society deems undesirable. I decided I needed to do something about it, and that's how Tomorrow’s Warriors came to be.


March 6: Kalika

Our Kindness Warrior this week is Kalika, "Humble" is her middle name, Curry, co-founder of the Be Kind 5 movement. Kalika Curry is a vessel of love, kindness and giving back. She is a mom, beyond dedicated to raising her 3 kids, inspiring them in her everyday life. Her kindness warrior mission is to show them how to use their voice, advocating for things they love and leaving things better than you found them.

This Kindness Warrior co-created Be Kind 5 movement to make this world a better place and we love having her on Team BK5!


February 27: Stephanie

This Warrior does amazing work as a volunteer for Wayback Inn & Girls Giving Back (GGB). Her contributions are thoughtful, unique in addressing the individual needs of families and our community.

We interviewed Stephanie and this is what she had to say:

"Kindness to strangers~ I noticed someone in a car handing out a sandwich to someone standing on a corner with a sign asking for help. Seeing someone be kind in their way also inspires others. It inspired me to put a few things together for when I see an opportunity. One small blanket rolled with a comb, hand warmers, poncho & granola bar was what I decided on for winter. A small box in the car holds these items and they are easy to grab and pass out quickly. Caring doesn’t have to be cash. Thoughtfulness is connecting and saying even though I may not know how to help you, I care. Kindness counts."

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February 20: Mary

It's Kindness Warrior Wednesday! We want to shout out Mary Pratt Rackers. Thank you for giving back, being generous and intentional. We appreciate you!

During this year's Snowmaggedon Mary rolled up her sleeves and shoveled snow for her neighbors. It took some effort and the return was even bigger.

Get out there today and make your neighborhood a safer place.