small steps, big changes

It’s a busy world Kindness Warrior and the work seems to be endless. It’s time to stop and smell the roses, bask in your glory and high-five your fellow Kindness Warrior for being the change.

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Kindness Warrior features

Each week we feature a Kindness Warrior or organization who is making a difference in the community or in their own lives. Nominate a warrior or read about some of the amazing folks leading the way.

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Check out blogs featuring stories from Kindness Warriors like you! Learn about the books were reading and a lot of other feel good news.

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Events and Activities

Are you ready to get started on your Kindness Warrior path? Check out events, workshops and outings happening in our community.


kindness at the center


Our mission

To provide access to resources, develop and support a community of Kindness Warriors dedicated to changing the world through gratitude and kindness. 

The Kindness Warrior community is guided by the Be Kind 5 Pillars, be kind to your:

  1. Mind (mental health)

  2. Neighbors (giving back and community)

  3. Planet (environmental health)

  4. Body (physical health)

  5. Wallet (financial health).


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It all started when…

After years of giving back to the community through Girls Giving Back and its ongoing partnership with local shelters, working direct service with youth that were falling through cracks and even closer to home with losses of friends and families. It became clear the we couldn’t tackle it alone.

The power is in community, in our relationship and how we work together. So Be Kind 5 was born, to connect people and communities to the resources they need to be the change.