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mental health program

Mental and behavioral health is the foundation to wellness; and as such should be a part of our daily practices. In this program we will set 30 days goal(s) and daily affirmations to work towards your optimal mental health. Activities like:

  • Write a list of your accomplishments or proudest moments.

  • Turn on your favorite tunes and dance. Movement is a quick way to shake off the “worries”.

  • Unplug from social media for a while. Spend sometime reflecting, journaling or with good company.

  • Practice self-compassion. This means to treat yourself with the same kindness and forgiveness you give a friend.

  • Get support! Humans are social creatures and time with trusted friends and family can help us thrive.


Summer 2019


348 Kirkland Ave

Kirkland 98033


physical health program

Physical health is not one size fits all, it’s personal and unique to your body’s needs. Join our team of wellness coaches, personal trainers and body positive mentors; to redefine your health and get moving towards your best you. Not into the group thing? Try getting started with these quick tips:

  • A water bottle is your best accessory! Staying hydrated is crucial to your health, giving your glowing skin and the fluid you need to get through the day.

  • Workout when possible… having a routine is ideal but you may not be there quite yet. So don’t let daily routine get in the way of you getting a workout in.

  • Plan ahead. Take sometime each day to look at the next day, plan your meals and time for movement. No excuses!

  • Love on your skin. Make a simple DIY mask, body scrub or take a good soak. It’s relaxing and great for your skin.

  • Rest your body. Sleep is the ultimate form of self-care especially after a long day of “adulting”.


Spring 2019


Bellevue, WA


financial health program

Having money doesn’t ensure happiness, but it does allow us to do the things that make us happy. Our team of financial advisors will help you get real about your spending habits, set goals and reach them with tools of the trade. This doesn’t have to be rocket science; get started today:

  • Pay yourself first! Before you pay bills or buy those new sneakers tuck some money away for a rainy day. Invested in you and your future is your best investment

  • Comparison shop! Check out for good deals before you make a big purchase.

  • Get rid of subscriptions or apps you don’t use. Don’t let monthly fees, your massage membership (no, you still haven’t gone), eat away at your bottom line.

  • Still don’t know where all of your money goes each month? What are you waiting for; sign up already!


Spring 2019


348 Kirkland Ave

Kirkland WA 98033


Giving back: community health program

Simple gestures like holding the door open for someone or returning their shopping cart spread gratitude and cheer! Like pebbles in a pond each bit makes a difference but together we can make a tidal wave. Join our team of do gooders taking on King and Snohomish County. Can’t wait to get started? Make your splash today:

  • Make a call, send a quick text or note to let someone know you are thinking of them.

  • “You’re the best!” Leave an encouraging note somewhere random; a library book, bathroom mirror or car windshield.

  • Donate to a charity! Every bit helps, an hour of your time or $5 can make a big difference.


January 2019


Multiple Locations


environmental health programs

Our lush landscape, gorgeous lakes, mountain views and amazing weather (shh… we don’t want the word to get out) are at the heart of the Pacific Northwest. Rebuilding and maintaining this is everyone’s responsibility, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Is recycling and brining your bags to the grocery store enough? Meet with our community partners leading the charge in keeping Washington evergreen.

Bonus points! Try adopting these habits to reduce your impact on our environment:

  • Take it to go! Pack utensils and a reusable container when taking meals on the go.

  • Turn off & unplug electronics you are not using. (Yup! that means the juicer we won’t judge you.)

  • Walk, bike, bus or carpool. Come on we know you want to show off those cute new workout clothes!


Spring 2019


Location Vary