Our Mission

This program was created in 2019 by Girls Giving Back, a Seattle based 501(c)3 whose mission is to Inspire hope and bring comfort and stability to individuals and families in need by improving living conditions in Puget Sound Shelters. Since 2009 GGB has completed 86 shelter projects and continues to support our local homeless shelters. Through this work GGB realized their were many stories and experiences so many people needed to share and connect and Be Kind 5 was born. Through BK5 people can reach out, share and connect through the 5 pillars of kindness:

Mind (Mental Health)

Neighbors (Giving Back)

Planet (Earth Service)

Body (Physical Health)

Wallet (Financial Health)

Through these 5 Pillars we feel that we can continue to grow and learn and overcome. These areas of learning and growth can be life changing and if we all opened up to taking small steps we can make big changes.

Become a Kindness Warrior today!!